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Haram-Christensen Corporation


Number Product Unit / Size
08AU01 Tiroler Kren Mustard, Tube 12/7 oz
08AU02 Mustard w/Honey "Huettensenf", Tube 12/7 oz
08AU19 Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted, Salted, Bag 10/1000 gr
08BE01 Salsify (Schwarzwurzeln), Jar 12/12 oz
08BE02 Belgian Salsify, Tins 2x12/14. oz
08CZ01 Znojmia Pickles 12/24 oz
08CO01 LANDSBERG Asparagus, White i/jar 24/11.6 oz
08CO02 LANDSBERG Asparagus, White i/jar 24/6.7 oz
08DE03 KOLDING Remoulade i/bottle 12/400 gr
08DE10 DANU Asier Sliced Cucumbers i/ jar 12/700 gr
08DE11 DANU Pickled Gherkins i/jar 12/700 gr
08DE12 DANU Red Beets, Sliced i/jar 12/720 gr
08DE13 DANU Red Cabbage i/jar 12/680 gr
08DE14 DANU Cucumber Salad i/jar 12/720 gr
08FR10 Bornier Dijon Mustard, Jar 12/7.4 oz
08FR11 Bornier Grainy Mustard, Jar 12/7.4 oz
08GE01 Goulash Spices, Bag 25/20 gr
08GE02 Sauerbraten Spices, Bag 12/10 gr
08GE03 Soup Seasoning 10/1.75 oz
08GE04 Summer Savory (Bohnenkraut), Bag 12/10 gr
08GE05 Mixed Spices/Neunerlei f/Lebkuchen Bag 12/12.5 gr
08GE06 Potash 12/.7 oz
08GE07 Cardamom Ground 12/.26 oz
08GE08 Juniper Berries, Bag 12/15 gr
08GE09 Dill Tops, Bag 12/10 gr
08GE10 Hirschhornsalz/Hartshorn (Ultetak) Salt 12/20 gr
08GE11 Salad Herbs 12/12.5 gr
08GE12 Capers, Jar 12/25 gr
08GE13 Bay Leaves, Bag 25/5 gr
08GE14 Pickling Spice/Einmachgewuerz 25/30 gr
08GE15 Mugworth/Beifuss 20/7.5 gr
08GE19 Mild Wine Sauerkraut i/Alu-Bags (Kuehne) 20/17.5 oz
08GE20 Sauerkraut in Wine tin 12/10 oz
08GE21 Sauerkraut in Wine tin 12/19 oz
08GE22 Sauerkraut in Wine tin 12/28 oz
08GE23 Sauerkraut in Wine tin 2/22 lb
08GE24 Barrel Sauerkraut jar 12/28.5 oz
08GE25 Puszta Salad jar 10/12 oz
08GE27 Green Bean Salad jar 10/12 oz
08GE29 Barrel Kale jar 12/27.5 oz
08GE30 Pickled Gherkins (Gewurzgurken) jar 12/12 oz
08GE31 Pickled Gherkins (Gewurzgurken) jar 8/24 oz
08GE32 Schwabentopf Pickles jar 6/56 oz
08GE33 Barrel Pickles jar 12/36 oz
08GE33A Garlic Barrel Pickles jar 12/36 oz
08GE33B Pickled Gherkins jar 12/34 oz
08GE33H Hot & Spicy Barrel Pickles jar 12/28 oz
08GE34 Pickles Moskauer Style jar 12/28 oz
08GE35 Peppered Gherkins jar 8/19 oz
08GE36 Pickles 55/60 Count tin 2/22 lb
08GE37 Crunchy Dills (Country) jar 8/24.3 oz
08GE38 Cornichons jar 10/12.5 oz
08GE39 Cornichons jar 12/7.2 oz
08GE41 Senfgurken (Azia Pickles) jar 12/12 oz
08GE42A Mixed Pickles (Vegetables) jar 10/11.6 oz
08GE43 Celery Stripes jar 10/12 oz
08GE44 Corn on the Cob jar 10/6 oz
08GE45 Red Cabbage, Barrel jar 12/19.5 oz
08GE45A Red Cabbage jar 10/12 oz
08GE46 Red Cabbage in 10 ltr tin 2/22 lb
08GE46A Red Cabbage tin 3/9 lb
08GE47 Large Pickled Onions jar 12/19 oz
08GE47A Cocktail Onions jar 10/12 oz
08GE48 Pumpkins in Syrup jar 10/12 oz
08GE50 Kuehne Extra Hot Mustard, jar 10/8.8 oz
08GE51 Kuehne Hot Mustard, jar 10/8.8 oz
08GE52 Kuehne Sweet Must., (Bavarian) jar 10/8.8 oz
08GE63 Kuehne Whole Grain Mustard jar 10/8.8 oz
08GE54 Mustard Mildly Hot Stein 15/8.75 oz
08GE55 Mustard Medium Hot, Bulk PAIL 4/5 kg
08GE56 Mustard, Regular Tube 20/3.5 oz
08GE57 Mustard, Extra Hot Tube 15/3.5 oz
08GE58 Mustard, Sweet Tube 15/3.5 oz
08GE59 Mustard, Hot Stein 12/8.8 oz
08GE59A Mustard Sweet Jar 12/8 oz
08GE59B Mustard Sweet Jar 12/14 oz
08GE60R Red Horseradish with Beets 12/7 oz
08GE60W White Horseradish 12/7 oz
08GE60 Horseradish Jar 12/3 oz
08GE60A Horseradish Jar 6/12.7 oz
08GE61 Lion Mustard Extra Hot Jar 12/3.5 oz
08GE61H Lion Mustard Medium Jar 12/8.8 oz
08GE62 Lion Mustard Extra Hot Jar 12/8.8 oz
08GE62A Lion Mustard, Hot Pail 5/5.5 lbs
08GE62B Lion Mustard, Sweet Pail 5/5.5 lbs
08GE64 Bavarian Sweet Mustard Jar 12/8.8 oz
08GE67 Kale (Gruenkohl) Tin 12/28 oz
08GE68 Celery Knobs Tin 12/28 oz
08GE68A Salsify (Schwarzwurzeln) Jar 12/20 oz
08GE69 Broad Beans (Dicke Bohnen) Jar 12/24.5 oz
08GE70 Gooseberries in jar 12/24 oz
08GE72 Morello Cherries, Pitted in jar 12/24 oz
08GE75 Apple Sauce in jar 12/24 oz
08GE76 Plum Halves in jar 12/24 oz
08GE85A Celery Slices in jar 12/23 oz
08GE85B Senfgurken (Azia Pickles) in jar 12/24 oz
08GE85C Red Beets, Whole in jar 12/12 oz
08GE85D Pickles in ja 12/24 oz
08GE85E Sauerkraut in jar 12/24 oz
08GE85F Red Cabbage in jar 12/24 oz
08GE71 Mirabelles (Yellow Plums) with Pits in jar 12/24.5 oz
08GE73 Wild Blueberries in ja 12/24.5 oz
08GE74 Williams Pears in ja 12/24.5 oz
08GE80 Horseradish with Cream (Toepfle) 6/8.8 oz
08GE80A Horseradish with Cream (Toepfle) 6/3.5 oz
08GE81 Mustard with Horseradish 12/7.0 oz
08GE82 Horseradish with Apples 12/7.0 oz
08GE26 White Bean/Serbian Salad in jar 12/12 oz
08GE100 Knax Crunchy (Pickles) in jar 6/57.5 oz
08GE101 Knax Crunchy Gherkins in jar 12/24 oz
08GE102 Knax Crunchy Gherkins in jar 12/12.5 oz
08GE104 Cornichons in jar 12/12 oz
08GE105 Gherkins 55/60 Count in tin 2/22 lb
08GE106 Gherkins 40/45 Count in tin 2/22 lb
08GE107 Polish Style Gherkins in jar 12/24.3 oz
08GE109 Bavarian Wine Sauerkraut in jar 12/24 oz
08GE109A Sauerkraut in Bags 20/17.5 oz
08GE109B Bavarian Sauerkraut w/Beer in jar 12/24 oz
08GE110 Wine Sauerkraut Mildessa in tin 12/10.6 oz
08GE111 Wine Sauerkraut Mildessa in tin 12/19.5 oz
08GE112 Wine Sauerkraut Mildessa in tin 12/28.75 oz
08GE113 Champagne Sauerkraut in tin 12/14.3 oz
08GE114 Wine Sauerkraut Mildessa in tin 2/22 lbs
08GE120 Red Cabbage with Apple in jar 12/24.3 oz
08GE121 Red Cabbage Rotessa in jar 12/24.3 oz
08GE122 Red Cabbage Rotessa in tin 12/19.5 oz
08GE123 Red Cabbage Rotessa in tin 12/10.6 oz
08GE124 Red Cabbage Rotessa 5.5lb in tin 3/89.3 oz
08GE125 Red Cabbage Rotessa 22 lbs. in tin 2/22 lbs
08GE130 Shredded Carrots in jar 12/12.5 oz
08GE131 Shredded Celery Salad in jar 12/12.5 oz
08GE132 Silverskin Cocktail Onion in jar 12/12.5 oz
08GE133 Mixed Pickles in jar 12/12.5 oz
08GE134 Senfgurken (Azia Pickles) in jar 12/12.5 oz
08GE136 Red Beets/Beetroot Sliced in jar 12/12.5 oz
08GE140 Horseradish in jar 12/150 ml
08GE141 Mustard Medium Hot in jar 6/200 ml
08GE142 Mustard Sweet in jar 6/200 ml
08GE143 Mustard Hot in jar 6/200 ml
08GE145 Mustard Medium in tube 15/3.5 oz
08GE146 Mustard Sweet in tube 15/3.5 oz
08GE147 Mustard Hot in tube 15/3.5 oz
08GE148 Mustard Sweet in Historic Crock 12/8.75 oz
08GE149 Mustard Medium i/Historic Crock 12/8.75 oz
08HU01 Hungarian Paprika, Hot 12/5 oz
08HU02 Hungarian Paprika, Sweet 12/5 oz
08HU10 Morello Cherries, Pitted 12/720 ml
08NO01 Surkal (Sauerkraut) 22/450 gr
08NO03 Red Cabbage 22/450 gr
08NO04 Mayonnaise, tube 16/6 oz
08NO21 Mild Mustard 10/280 gr
08NO22 Grain (Grov) Mustard 10/280 gr
08NO23 Hot Mustard 10/280 gr
08NO30 Hartshornsalt (Hornsalt), Plastic Cont. 10/65 gr
08SW12 Mustard Golden Regular pail 2/5 kg
08SW12A Mustard, Skansk, grain pail 2/5.5 kg
08SW13B Druvan Hovmaster Dill Sauce jar 6/10.6 oz
08SW16 Druvan Mustard, Skansk jar 6/10.5 oz
08SW25 Ekstrom Vanilla Sauce 26/3.2 oz
08SW27 Ekstrom Rosehip Soup 13/5.6 oz
08SW28 Ekstrom Blueberry Soup 26/5.5 oz
08AU70 Natural Mountain Salt w/Herbs 12/8.8 oz
08AU71 Salt Mill w/Natural Mountain Salt, Coarse
08SZ01 Herb Seasoning Salt 12/3.2 oz
08SZ02 Herb Seasoning Salt 12/8.8 oz
08US01 Safinter Saffron 20 Pack (per Carton) 20/.5 gr
08US02 Vanilla Beans 25 Tube Carton 25'
08AU09 Pickled Garlic 12/200 g
08AU10 Pearl Onions 12/200 g
08AU10A Young Garden Onions 6/560
08AU11 Cherry Peppers 12/190 g
08AU11A Hot Peppers 12/190 g
08AU12 Cornichons/Tiny Gherkins 12/200 g
08AU12A Gherkins Old Viennese Style 6/560
08AU13 Baby Corn 12/228 g
08AU14 Mushrooms 12/230 g
08AU15 Pepper filled with Sauerkraut 6/560
08AU50 Cabbage Salad 12/280 g
08AU51 Cocktail Asparagus 12/300 g
08AU52 Red Beet Salad 12/300 g
08AU53 Mixed Vegetables 12/280 g
08AU20 Apricots 12/290 g
08AU21 Sweet Cherries, Dark Red 12/290 g
08AU22 Sour Cherries 12/290 g
08AU23 Raspberries 12/310 g
08AU24 Mixed Fruits (Cocktail) 12/290 g
08AU25 Lingonberries 12/330 g
08PO01 Gherkins in Jar 12/24 oz
08PO02 Dill Pickles in Jar 12/30 oz
08PO03 Dill Pickles in Jar 6/51 oz
08PO04 Cucumbers in Brine in Jar 12/30 oz
08PO05 Cucumbers in Brine in Jar 6/51 oz
08PO10 Pickled Baby Beets in Jar 12/15 oz
08PO11 Sliced Baby Beets in Jar 12/15 oz
08PO12 Beets with Horseradish in Jar 12/15.9 oz
08PO13 Beet Salad in Jar 12/31.7 oz
08PO14 White Cabbage Salad in Jar 12/31.7 oz
08PO15 Celery Salad in Jar 12/17.6 oz
08PO16 Green Tomato Salad in Jar 12/18.3 oz
08PO20 Sauerkraut in Jar 12/33 oz
08PO21 Sauerkraut w/Carrots in Jar 12/33 oz
08PO30 Red Cabbage w/Apple in Jar 12/16 oz
08PO60 Horseradish in Jar 12/6.3 oz
08PO61 Horseradish Extra Hot in Jar 12/6.3 oz
08PO72 Morello Cherries in Syrup in Jar 12/24 oz

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire as to the current pricing.

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