Number Product Unit / Size
06CR01 VEGETA Soup Mix/ Seasoning, tin 24/17.5 oz
06GE10 Curry Sauce Mix 12/25 gr
06GE11 Dill Sauce Mix 12/25 gr
06GE15 Mushroom Sauce Mix 12/25 gr
06GE17 Pepper Sauce Mix 12/25 gr
06GE18 Bearnaise Sauce Mix 12/25 gr
06GE19 Hollandaise Sauce Mix 12/25 gr
06GE21 Bechamel/White Sauce Mix 12/20 gr
06NO01 "Bergen" Fish Soup #2711 13/83 gr
06NO02 Creamy Fish & Shellfish Soup #2771 15/52 gr
06NO09 "Lofoten" Fish Soup #2731 15/69 gr
06NO20 "Lofoten" Fish Sauce 20/45 gr
06SZ20 Spaetzle (Little Dumplings) 12/10 oz
06SZ21 Seasoning, Bottle 12/4 oz
06SZ22 Seasoning, Bottle 12/27 oz
06SZ22A Wurze/Seasoning, German,Bottle 6/35 oz
06SZ22B Seasoning/Arome, German, Bottle 6/27 oz
06SZ22C Seasoning/Arome, German, Bottle 24/6.7 oz
06SZ25 Wurze/Seasoning, German, Bottle 24/8.8 oz
06SZ23 Chicken Cubes 24/2.43 oz
06SZ24 Beef Cubes 24/2.32 oz
06SZ01 Onion Soup Mix 12/pc
06SZ04 Leek Soup Mix 12/pc
06SZ07 Vegetable Soup Mix 12/pc
06SZ10 Mushroom Soup Mix 17/pc
06SZ10A Asparagus Soup Mix 20/pc
06SZ11 Beef Cubes 24/pc
06SZ12 Chicken Cubes 24/pc
06SZ14 Vegetable cubes 24/pc
06SZ29 Roasted Chicken Gravy 12/pc
06SZ31 Roast Pork Gravy 12/pc
06SZ32 Sauce Hollandaise Mix 12/pc
06SZ33 Sauce Bearnaise Mix 12/pc
06SZ34 Brown Gravy Mix 12/pc
06SZ37 Sauce Au Jus Mix 12/pc
06SZ43 Goulash Mix/Beef Stew Mix 12/pc
06SZ44 Sauerbraten Mix/Pot Roast Mix 12/pc
06SZ49 All Purp. Season./Yellow Shaker(Aromat) 12/pc
06SZ50 Meat Seasoning Mix/Red Shaker(Aromat) 12/pc
06US01 Split Pea & Ham 12/19 oz
06US02 Minestrone 12/19 oz
06US03 Hearty Lentil 12/19 oz
06US04 Savory Bean 12/19 oz
06US05 Harvest Potato 12/19 oz

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