Number Product Unit / Size
04CA01 Tidbits in Wine i/jar 12/8 oz
04CA02 Tidbits in Wine i/jar 12/13 oz
04CA03 Tidbits in Cream i/jar 12/8 oz
04CA04 Tidbits in Cream i/jar 12/13 oz
04CA07 Matjes Tidbits i/jar 12/6 oz
04CA20 .. in White Sauce 6/400 gr
04CA21 .. In Creamy Dill Sauce 6/400 gr
04CA22 .. in Sauce w/Red Beets 6/400 gr
04CA23 .. in Yogurt Cream Sauce 6/400 gr
04CA24 .. Mustard Dill Sauce 6/400 gr
04CA25 .. Curry Sauce 6/400 gr
04DE01 Smoked Mackerel Fillet, Peppered 75/4.7 oz
04DE05 Mini-Lunch Herring Tidbits, Assorted 3x10/50 gr
04GE01 Bismarck Herring jar 6/17.5 oz
04GE01A Bismarck Herring jar 6/300 gr
04GE01C Bismarck Herring pail 1/5 kg
04GE03 Herring in Sour Cream jar 12/8.8 oz
04GE03B Herring in Cream Sc. plastic cont. 6/14 oz
04GE02A Crown Sild Moskalik jar 6/8.8 oz
04GE02C Rollmops 1/6.6 lb
04GE02E Rollmops 6/17.5 oz
04GE02F Rollmops 6/300 gr
04GE03A Herring in Aspic plastic cont. 5/4 ltr
04GE04 Fried Herring 12/17.5 oz
04GE04A Fried Rolled Herring #7824 jar 6/1000 gr
04GE04B Fried Herring Rolled jar 6/14.1 oz
04GE04C Fried Herring Fillet plastic pail 1/5 lb
04GE06 Matjes Fillet plastic pa 2/2.5 kg
04GE07 Matjes Fillets Nordic Style plastic pail 2000 gr
04GE08 Matjes Style Herr. Fillet plastic tray 10/8.8 oz
04GE08A Matjes Style Herr. Fillet plastic tray 10/17.5 oz
04GE08B Matjes Style Herr. Fillet plastic tray 4/1000 gr
04GE08C Matjes Style Herr. Fill. SMOKED tray 15/150 gr
04GE09 Salted Herring Fillets plastic pail 2000 gr
04GE11 German Smoked Saithe plastic tray 12/3.5 oz
04GE12 Dittmanns Anchovy Paste tubes 12/2.1 oz
04GE13 Thomy Mayonnaise tubes 15/3 oz
04GE14 Thomy Remoulade tubes 15/3 oz
04HO01 Headless Milkers Herring in tub 6/4 lb
04HO02 Headless Mixed Herring in tub 6/4 lb
04HO07 Matjes Fillets, Natural, in Oil, Tray 12/7 oz
04HO08 Matjes Fillets, Smoked, in Oil, Tray 12/7 oz
04HO09 Matjes Fillets, Spiced, in Oil, Tray 12/7 oz
04NO01 King Oscar Tidbits in Dill Tin 15/50 gr
04NO01A King Oscar Tidbits in Sherry Tin 15/50 gr
04NO02 King Oscar Tidbits in Wine Tin 15/50 gr
04NO08 Lutefisk (Frozen) 12/1.75 lb
04NO09 Lutefisk (Frozen) 1/10 lb
04NO10 Scand. Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced Appx.1 lb
04NO11 Scand. Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced 8 oz
04NO12 Norwegian Fjord Smoked Salmon 30 x 113 gr
04NO20 Kavli Cod Roe Caviar Smoked Tube 20/5.3 oz
04NO21 Mills Cod Roe Spread Tube 16/6.7 oz
04NO30 Pepper Herring/Hovmesterens 6/390 gr
04NO31 Mustard Herring/Sennepsild 6/390 gr
04NO32 Spiced Herring/Krydret Sursild 6/390 gr
04NO33 Marinated Herring/Sursild 6/390 gr
04SW03 Anchovy Spiced Herr. Fillets De Luxe Jar 12/9.5 oz
04SW03A Anchovy Whole Jar 6/20 oz
04SW19 Herring Large Tidbits Anchovy Spiced,Jar 6/20 oz
04SW08 Matjes Tidbits Round Tin 24/7 oz
04SW08A Svensk Matjes Fillet in Oblong Tin 25/7 oz
04SW15B Matjes Tidbits (Large) Jar 6/20 oz
04SW09B PK Matjes Fillets in Dill Pail 6/2 kg
04SW10 PK Tidbits in Dill Jar 10/260 gr
04SW11 PK Tidbits in Tomato Jar 10/260 gr
04SW12 PK Tidbits in Mustard Jar 10/260 gr
04SW13 PK Tidbits w/Onion Jar 10/260 gr
04SW14 PK Tidbits w/Spices (Kryddsill) Jar 10/260 gr
04SW14A PK Tidbits w/Curry Jar 10/260 gr
04SW12A PK Herring in Mustard (Large Pcs) Pail 6/2 kg
04SW12B Herring in Onion (Large Pieces) Pail 2/4.5 lb
04SW12C Herring in Curry (Large Pieces) Pail 2/4.5 lb
04SW12D Herring in Tomato (Large Pieces) Pail 2/4.5 lb
04SW12E PK Herring Tidbits in Dill Pail 6/2 kg
04SW14B Spiced Herring (Krydsill) (Pieces) Pail 2/5 lb
04SW23 Royal Sweden Codroe Spr. Plain,Tube 8/100 gr
04SW25 PK Codroe Caviar Tube 24/100 gr
04SW26 PK Smoked Herring Pate Tube 24/100 gr
04SW15 Herring Tidbits in Cream Sauce, Jar 12/12 oz
04SW16 Herring Tidbits in Wne Sauce, Jar 12/12 oz
04SW38 Black Lumpfish Caviar Jar 4x10/3.5 oz
04SW38A Black Capelin Caviar Jar 4x10/3.5 oz
04SW38B Black Capelin Caviar Jar 6x6/12 oz
04SW39 Red Lumpfish Caviar Jar 4x10/3.5 oz
04SW39A Red Capelin Caviar Jar 4x10/3.5 oz
04SW39B Red Capelin Caviar Jar 6x6/12 oz
04SW40 Salmon Roe Caviar Jar 24/1.8 oz
04SW41 Salmon Roe Caviar Jar 16/3.5 oz
04SW43 LOJROM CAVIAR Jar 30/1.8 oz
04SW46 Salmon Pate Tube 16/5.3 oz
04SW46A Salmon Caviar Jar 6/80 gr
04SW47A KALLES Cav. Codroe Spread Tube 32/6.7 oz
04SW47B KALLES Cav. Codroe Spr. w/Dill Tube 24/6.7 oz
04SW48 Matjes Tidbits Ti 24/7 oz
04SW48A Anchovy Fillet Ti 17/3.5 oz
04SW48B Anchovy Whole Tin 12/15.9 oz
04SW49A Garlic Herring Tidbits Jar 10/7.9 oz
04SW49B Marinated Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.5 oz
04SW49C Dill Herring Tidbits Ja 10/8.5 oz
04SW49D Onion Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.5 oz
04SW49E Mustard Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.1 oz
04SW49F Tomato Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.5 oz
04SW49G Curry Herring Tidbits Jar 12/8.8 oz
04SW49H Aquavit Marinated Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.5 oz
04SW51 Premium Marinated Herring Jar 6/390 gr
04SW52 Premium Herring w/Onions Jar 6/390 gr
04SW53 Premium Herring in Mustard Jar 6/390 gr
04US01 Smoked Bueckling (Herring) 10 lbs
04US02 Smoked Peppered Mackerel (Canada) 10 lbs
04US02A Smoked Mackerel, Whole (Canada) 11 lbs
04US03 Smoked Eel (10 lbs. per box) 1-2 lbs
04US06 Smoked Trout Fillets (Canada) 1/5 lbs
04US07 Smoked Mackerel Fillets (Canada) 10 lbs
04GE15 Horseradish w/Mayo in tube 15/3.2 oz

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