Number Product Unit / Size
03DE03 Mussels in Brine, Smoked i/tin 24/15 oz
03DE04 Mussels in Brine, Smoked i/jar 12/11.5 oz
03DE07A ROLAND/Danish Cod Liver, Smoked, tin 24/4.5 oz.
03GE01 .... in Tomato Sauce, tin 10/7.0 oz
03GE03 ... in Mushroom Cream Sauce, tin 10/7.0 oz
03GE05 ... in Dijon-Mustard Sauce, tin 10/7.0 oz
03GE06 ... in Paprika Sauce, tin 10/7.0 oz
03GE11 Smoked Herring Fillets (Bueckling), tin 18/6.7 oz
03GE14 Fried Herring 12/17.6 oz
03GE19 Herring Filllets in Horseradish Sc 16/6.7 oz
03GE23 Herring Fillets i/Paprika Sc. 16/6.7 oz
03GE24 Smoked Herring Fillets 16/6.7 oz
03GE30 Kiel Sprats, Tin 10/3.8 oz
03GE32 Codliver Pieces, Tin 15/115 gr
03GE33 Schillerlocken, tin 10/3.5 oz
03GE16 Herring Fillets in Red Pepper Sauce 8/7.0 oz
03GE20 Herring Fillets in Tomato Sauce 8/7.0 oz
03GE21 Herring Fillets in Mustard Sauce 8/7.0 oz
03GE22 Herring Fillets i/Mushroom Sc., v. Eitzen 18/7.0 oz
03GE31 Herring in Aspic in Tin 24/7 oz
03GE35 Smoked Kieler Sprats 12/110 gr
03GE37A German Fried Herring (Marinated) "Iceland" 14/325 gr
03GE40 Norge Salmon Fillets in Lemon Sauce 8/7 oz
03GE41 Norge Salmon Fillets in Dill Sauce 8/7 oz
03GE42 Norge Salmon Fillets in Must./Honey Sc. 8/7 oz
03IC01 Rainbow Trout Fill.Smoked in Olive Oil,Tin 25/3.75 oz
03IC02 Skansen Codliver in Oil, Tin 50/4 oz
03JA01 Smoked Clams, Tin 10/3.66 oz
03JA02 Smoked Oysters, Tin 10/3.66 oz
03JA10 Crab Meat, Tin 24/6 oz
03LA01 Latvian Smoked Sprats, Tin 72/5.6 oz
03NO01 Fishballs Ti 2x12/14 oz
03NO02 Fishballs Ti 2x12/28 oz
03NO03 Fishcakes Tin 2x12/14 oz
03NO04 Fishcakes Tin 2x12/28 oz
03NO07 Brisling/Sardines in Oil Blue Tin 48/3.6 oz
03NO08 Brisling/Sardines in Tomato Red Tin 48/3.6 oz
03NO10 Sardines in Oil 2-Layer Tin 12/3.75 oz
03NO05 Pressed Cod Roe Tin 20/400 gr
03NO11 Sardines in.Oil 1-Layer Tin 12/3.5 oz
03NO14 Sardines in Tomato 1-Layer Tin 12/3.5 oz
03NO16 Mackerel Fillets in Tomato Tin 36/5.5 oz
03NO16A Peppered Mackerel Fillets Tin 36/5.5 oz
03NO15 Mackerel Fillets/Tomato Tin 50/5.5 oz
03NO17 Mackerel Fillets Smoked in Soyb. Oil 22/6 oz
03NO18 Salmon Fillets Smoked in Olive Oil 22/6 oz
03NO30 Cod Liver Pieces in Own Oil, Oblong Tin 24/121 gr
03NO31 Cod Liver Pieces in Own Oil, Round Tin 24/190 gr

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