Number Product Unit / Size
18CA01 Szegedi Salami 4/2 lbs
18CA02 Old Forest Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA02A Old Forest Salami, Small 8/6 oz
18CA03 Barcelona (Pepperseed) Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA04 Alpen/Cervelat Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA05 Gypsy Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA05A Gypsy Salami, Small 8/6 oz
18CA06 Mailander Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA07 Picante (Caliente) Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA08 Bavarian/German Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA09 Paprika Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA10 Square Salami w/Mustard 2/5 lbs
18CA10A Mustard Seed Salami, Small 8/6 oz
18CA11 Hungarian Salami 2/5 lbs
18CA14 Alpen 90 Hukki Salami, Small #5516 2/2.5 lbs
18CA15 Gypsy 58 Gold Salami, Small, #5519 6/1.8 lbs
18CA16 Hung. 58 White, Small, Smoked, #5511 6/1.7 lbs
18CA20 Alpen Schinken 2/3 lbs
18GE01 Flat Hams #3011 2/8 lb
18GE01A Smoked Speck/Spiced Ham 4/3 lb
18GE02 Rolled Hams #3003 3/4 lb
18GE02A Bl. Forest Smoked Ham(No Bone, w/Skin) 1/10-12 lb
18GE02B Black Forest Ham, Small 4/3 lb
18GE02C Black Forest Ham, Extra Small 5/1.5 lb
18GE03 Frankfurter Sausages Jar 6/25.4 oz
18GE04 Mini Wini Party Sausages on String Jar 12/8.8 oz
18GE05 Deutschlaender Sausages (6 pcs.) Jar 12/12.7 oz
18US01 Liver Sausage (Leberwurst) (Coarse), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US02 Blood Sausage (Blutwurst), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US03 Liverpate Fine (Leberwurst), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US04 Head Cheese (Schwartenmagen), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US05 Leberkase (Veal Loaf), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US06 Jagdwurst, Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US07 Schinkenwurst (Ham/Bologne), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US08 Bauernbratwurst, Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US09 Goose Liverpate, Tin 12/6.5 oz

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