Number Product Unit / Size
01US05 Vermont Cheddar 1/10 lbs
01US09 Cheddar Midget,Black Wax, Yellow 1/12 lbs
01US26 Munster Loaf, Plain 6/6 lbs
01US27E Muenster-Chris, Low Cholesterol 2/6 lbs
01US30 Beer Kaese 6/5 lbs
01US45 QUARK Traditional (Green) 12/16 oz
01US46 QUARK Fat-Free (Red) 12/16 oz
01US47 QUARK Low Fat (Blue) 12/16 oz
01US60 Bondost Plain 6/2.5 lbs
01US61 Bondost Seeds 6/2.5 lbs
02US02 MRS. OLSEN'S Potato Lefse 16/9.6 oz
04US01 Smoked Bueckling (Herring) 10 lbs
04US02 Smoked Peppered Mackerel (Canada) 10 lbs
04US02A Smoked Mackerel, Whole (Canada) 11 lbs
04US03 Smoked Eel (10 lbs. per box) 1-2 lbs
04US06 Smoked Trout Fillets (Canada) 1/5 lbs
04US07 Smoked Mackerel Fillets (Canada) 10 lbs
06US01 Split Pea & Ham 12/19 oz
06US02 Minestrone 12/19 oz
06US03 Hearty Lentil 12/19 oz
06US04 Savory Bean 12/19 oz
06US05 Harvest Potato 12/19 oz
08US01 Safinter Saffron 20 Pack (per Carton) 20/.5 gr
08US02 Vanilla Beans 25 Tube Carton 25' 
10US02 Potato Starch, Bulk 55 lb
10US03 Norwegian Yellow Peas, Bulk, Bag 22 lb
10US04 HCC Whole Yellow Peas in Bags 12/16 oz
10US05 Lars Yellow Peas in Bags 12/18 oz
10US05A Norw. Green Peas, Bulk, 10 KG BAG 22 lb
10US06 Norw. Brown Beans, Bulk, 10 KG BAG 22 lb
10US07 Norwegian Brown Beans in Bags 30/500 gr
10US08 Lars Brown Beans in Bags 12/18 oz
10US10 Lunds Pancake Mix 12/12 oz
10US12 Swan Potato Starch 12/12 oz
15US01 Rainbow Chocolate Kringels 24/7 oz
15US03 Christmas Chocolate Kringels 27/7 oz
15US04 Marzipan, Assorted Fruits M-1 24/8 oz
15US04A Marzipan, Assorted Fruits, 9 pcs. 48/4 oz
15US05 Marzipan Strawberries M-2 24/8 oz
15US06 Koenigsberger Marzipan M-3 24/6 oz
15US07 Asst. Marzipan Fruits, Gift Tray M-4 8/25 oz
15US08 Individual Marizpan Fruits M-6 24/2 oz
15US09 Chocolate Rum Balls CH-400 24/9 oz
15US10 Marzipan Fruit Basket, Assorted 12/4.2 oz
15US11 Marzipan Money Maker/Geldsch.... M-14 22/1.8 oz
15US12 Marzipan Piglets, Pink M-11 24/1.5 oz
15US12A Marzipan Piglets, Natural M-11 24/1.5 oz
15US13 Marzipan Jewish Symbols M-19 24/7.5 oz
18US01 Liver Sausage (Leberwurst) (Coarse), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US02 Blood Sausage (Blutwurst), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US03 Liverpate Fine (Leberwurst), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US04 Head Cheese (Schwartenmagen), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US05 Leberkase (Veal Loaf), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US06 Jagdwurst, Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US07 Schinkenwurst (Ham/Bologne), Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US08 Bauernbratwurst, Tin 12/6.5 oz
18US09 Goose Liverpate, Tin 12/6.5 oz

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