Number Product Unit / Size
01PO01 Polish Podlaski Cheese 4/7 lbs
08PO01 Gherkins in Jar 12/24 oz
08PO02 Dill Pickles in Jar 12/30 oz
08PO03 Dill Pickles in Jar 6/51 oz
08PO04 Cucumbers in Brine in Jar 12/30 oz
08PO05 Cucumbers in Brine in Jar 6/51 oz
08PO10 Pickled Baby Beets in Jar 12/15 oz
08PO11 Sliced Baby Beets in Jar 12/15 oz
08PO12 Beets with Horseradish in Jar 12/15.9 oz
08PO13 Beet Salad in Jar 12/31.7 oz
08PO14 White Cabbage Salad in Jar 12/31.7 oz
08PO15 Celery Salad in Jar 12/17.6 oz
08PO16 Green Tomato Salad in Jar 12/18.3 oz
08PO20 Sauerkraut in Jar 12/33 oz
08PO21 Sauerkraut w/Carrots in Jar 12/33 oz
08PO30 Red Cabbage w/Apple in Jar 12/16 oz
08PO60 Horseradish in Jar 12/6.3 oz
08PO61 Horseradish Extra Hot in Jar 12/6.3 oz
08PO72 Morello Cherries in Syrup in Jar 12/24 oz
11PO01 Aronia Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO02 Blueberry Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO03 Strawberry Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO04 Black Currant Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO05 Raspberry Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO06 Morello Cherry Syrup 6/33.8 oz
12PO01 Strawberry 12/16 oz
12PO02 Raspberry 12/16 oz
12PO03 Morello Cherry 12/16 oz
12PO04 Black Currant 12/16 oz
12PO05 Gooseberry Jam 12/16 oz
12PO06 Plum Powidel Jar 12/16 oz
12PO07 Plum Jam 12/16 oz
12PO08 Red Currant 12/16 oz
12PO09 Blackberry 12/16 oz
12PO10 Blueberry 12/16 oz

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