Number Product Unit / Size
01NO01 "Snofrisk" White Goat Cream Cheese 12/4.4 oz
01NO02 Gjetost (Blended Goat Cheese), 2/5 lb
01NO03 NORDEN Gjetost (Blended Goat Cheese) 10/17.5 oz
01NO04 Gjetost (Blended Goat Cheese) 12/8.8 oz
01NO04A Ekte Gjetost, 100% Goat Cheese 10/1.1 lb
01NO07 "Gulost" (Gouda) "Synnove" 18/16.9 oz
01NO08 Jarlsberg Loaf 2/12 lbs
01NO09 Jarlsberg, Wheel 1/20 lbs
01NO10 Jarlsberg Lite, Loaf 1/12 lbs
01NO12 Jarlsberg, Regular, Sliced 12/8 oz
01NO13 Jarslberg, Lite, Sliced 12/8 oz
01NO11 Nokkelost, Loaf 2/11 lbs
01NO14 Norvegia, Loaf 2/11 lbs
01NO14A Ridderost, Wheel 2/4 lbs
01NO24 KAVLI Cheese Plain, Tube 20/5.3 oz
01NO25 KAVLI Cheese w/Shrimp,Tube 20/5.3 oz
01NO26 KAVLI Cheese w/Ham, Tube 20/5.3 oz
02NO01 Kavli Crispbread, Thick 12/5.5 oz
02NO02 Kavli Crispbread, Thin 12/5.5 oz
02NO03 Kavli Crispbread, Golden Rye 12/5.2 oz
02NO03A Kavli Crispbread, 5-Grain 12/5.2 oz
02NO04 Kavli Crispbread, Western w/Chili&Garlic 12/5.2 oz
02NO05 Kavli Crispbread w/Pesto 12/5.2 oz
02NO06 Ideal Flatbread, Extra Thin 14/370 gr
02NO07 Korni Flatbread, Extra Thin 12/10.5 oz
02NO09 Ideal Home Baked Bread "Okologisk" 18/350 gr
02NO20 Norwegian Lefse "Viking Bread" 8/12.3 oz
03NO01 Fishballs Ti 2x12/14 oz
03NO02 Fishballs Ti 2x12/28 oz
03NO03 Fishcakes Tin 2x12/14 oz
03NO04 Fishcakes Tin 2x12/28 oz
03NO07 Brisling/Sardines in Oil Blue Tin 48/3.6 oz
03NO08 Brisling/Sardines in Tomato Red Tin 48/3.6 oz
03NO10 Sardines in Oil 2-Layer Tin 12/3.75 oz
03NO05 Pressed Cod Roe Tin 20/400 gr
03NO11 Sardines in.Oil 1-Layer Tin 12/3.5 oz
03NO14 Sardines in Tomato 1-Layer Tin 12/3.5 oz
03NO16 Mackerel Fillets in Tomato Tin 36/5.5 oz
03NO16A Peppered Mackerel Fillets Tin 36/5.5 oz
03NO15 Mackerel Fillets/Tomato Tin 50/5.5 oz
03NO17 Mackerel Fillets Smoked in Soyb. Oil 22/6 oz
03NO18 Salmon Fillets Smoked in Olive Oil 22/6 oz
03NO30 Cod Liver Pieces in Own Oil, Oblong Tin 24/121 gr
03NO31 Cod Liver Pieces in Own Oil, Round Tin 24/190 gr
04NO01 King Oscar Tidbits in Dill Tin 15/50 gr
04NO01A King Oscar Tidbits in Sherry Tin 15/50 gr
04NO02 King Oscar Tidbits in Wine Tin 15/50 gr
04NO08 Lutefisk (Frozen) 12/1.75 lb
04NO09 Lutefisk (Frozen) 1/10 lb
04NO10 Scand. Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced Appx.1 lb
04NO11 Scand. Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced 8 oz
04NO12 Norwegian Fjord Smoked Salmon 30 x 113 gr
04NO20 Kavli Cod Roe Caviar Smoked Tube 20/5.3 oz
04NO21 Mills Cod Roe Spread Tube 16/6.7 oz
04NO30 Pepper Herring/Hovmesterens 6/390 gr
04NO31 Mustard Herring/Sennepsild 6/390 gr
04NO32 Spiced Herring/Krydret Sursild 6/390 gr
04NO33 Marinated Herring/Sursild 6/390 gr
05NO01 Oatmeal Bread Mix 6/500 gr
05NO02 Sunflower Bread Mix 6/500 gr
05NO03 Whole Grain Bread Mix 6/500 gr
05NO10 Chocolate Cake Mix with Icing 6/500 gr
05NO11 Cinnamon Cake Mix with Icing 6/500 gr
06NO01 "Bergen" Fish Soup #2711 13/83 gr
06NO02 Creamy Fish & Shellfish Soup #2771 15/52 gr
06NO09 "Lofoten" Fish Soup #2731 15/69 gr
06NO20 "Lofoten" Fish Sauce 20/45 gr
08NO01 Surkal (Sauerkraut) 22/450 gr
08NO03 Red Cabbage 22/450 gr
08NO04 Mayonnaise, tube 16/6 oz
08NO21 Mild Mustard 10/280 gr
08NO22 Grain (Grov) Mustard 10/280 gr
08NO23 Hot Mustard 10/280 gr
08NO30 Hartshornsalt (Hornsalt), Plastic Cont. 10/65 gr
11NO01 Solo Orange Soda, Bottle 24/.5 ltr
11NO03 Farris Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 24/.33 ltr
12NO01 Nugatti Chocolate Spread, Pl. Cont. 16/250 gr
12NO10 Blueberry Jam 10/375 gr
12NO11 Raspberry Jam 10/375 gr
12NO12 Strawberry Jam 10/375 gr
12NO13 Cloudberry Jam 10/375 gr
15NO01 Milk Chocolate Bars 21/100 gr
15NO02 Milk/Filbert Bars (Firklover) 18/100 gr
15NO02A Milk/Filbert Bars (Firklover) 32/40 gr
15NO03 Dronning Bittersweet Bars 21/100 gr
15NO03A Selskap Bittersweet Bars 21/100 gr
15NO03B Light Cooking Chocolate Bars 21/100 gr
15NO04 Frukt Nott Bars 18/100 gr
15NO05A Milk Chocolate Bars 36/50 gr
15NO08 Kvikk Lunsj Bars 72/46 gr
15NO09 Smil Chocolate Toffees 28/72 gr
15NO10 Monolit Bar (Jelly, Truffle, Marzipan) 30/60 gr
15NO11 Non Stop 21/125 gr
15NO13 Lohengrin Creambars 40/34 gr
15NO14 Mandelstang (Almond Bars) 30/43 gr
15NO15 Daim Bars 36/28 gr
15NO16 Mini Daim in Bags 15/200 gr
15NO20 Twist Assorted Miniatures i/Bags 30/160 gr
15NO21 Twist Assorted Miniatures i/Bags 20/340 gr
15NO22 Dessert Chocolate Assort. (Milk/Bitter) 6/250 gr
15NO25 Gode Onsker (Asst. Miniatures) 4/500 gr
15NO30 Funky (Pear & Ginger), Yellow Box 30/24 gr
15NO31 Tasty (Pomegranate), Red Box 30/24 gr
15NO32 Eucalyptus, Green Box 30/24 gr
15NO33 Salty Licorice, Black Box 30/24 gr
15NO40 Vanilla Sugar (Canister) 10/175 gr
15NO41 Baking Powder (Canister) 10/250 gr
15NO60 Kong Hakon Chocolate 4/250 gr
15NO61 Kong Hakon Chocolate 2/500 gr
15NO72 Gullbrod Marzipan 30/65 gr
15NO75 Stratos Bar 30/45 gr
15NO76 Sfinx Assorted Chocolates Box w/Rose 5/380 gr
15NO80 Mokkabonner (Mocca Beans) 10/120 gr
15NO81 Troika Export 56/66 gr
15NO82 Smoerbukk Mixture, Brown Bag 12/180 gr
15NO82A Smoerbukk Original (Caramels), Bag 20/200 gr
15NO83 Laban Seigmenn (Gummi Boys) 21/180 gr
15NO83A Laban Seigdamer (Gummi Girls) 21/180 gr
15NO84 Marsipangris in Cellophane Package 30/65 gr
15NO85 Marsipangris (Marzipan Piglet) in Box 10/200 gr
19NO02C Gas Ring For Waffle Iron 6/pc 
19NO09 Cheese Slicer, Wood #A-3 
19NO11 Cheese Slicer, Wood #508-3 
19NO14 Cheese Slicer, Wood #710-3 
19NO15 Cheese Slicer, Stainless Steel #508-2 
19NO75 KRYSTAL GREEN FLUID SOAP, Bottle 20/.75 ltr
20NO01 Norwegian Codliver Oil, Bottle 12/250 ml
20NO03 SANASOL, Bottle 12/500 ml
20NO05 Amundsen Fish Oil Capsules, Tin 120' 
22NO01 Authentic Norwegian Cooking  

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