Number Product Unit / Size
01HO01 Edam Balls 6/2 lbs
01HO02 Edam Balls 6/4 lbs
01HO03 Edam Loaf 2/6 lbs
01HO04 Gouda Red Wax, Wheel (Pack size varies) 1/10 lbs
01HO06 Baby Gouda 12/10 oz
01HO10 Smoked Gouda, Salami-Shape 4/6 lbs
01HO11 Leerdamer, Wheel 1/25 lbs
01HO12 Leyden, Wheel 1/17 lbs
01HO13 Aged Gouda 1/9 lbs
02HO01 Dutch Special Syrup Wafer 24/9 oz
02HO02 Bolletje Holland Crispbread 24/3.5 oz
02HO03 Bolletje Honey Cake 15/12.2 oz
02HO05 Ruiter Bakers Speculaas 20/14 oz
02HO06 Ruiter Almond Speculaas 20/14 oz
04HO01 Headless Milkers Herring in tub 6/4 lb
04HO02 Headless Mixed Herring in tub 6/4 lb
04HO07 Matjes Fillets, Natural, in Oil, Tray 12/7 oz
04HO08 Matjes Fillets, Smoked, in Oil, Tray 12/7 oz
04HO09 Matjes Fillets, Spiced, in Oil, Tray 12/7 oz
15HO01 JAKA Rumballs 24/7 oz
15HO02 Rademaker Coffee Candy, Bag 20/5 oz
15HO03 Droste Cocoa, Box 12/8.8 oz
15HO04 Dutch Licorice Coins, Bag 3/1.25 kg
15HO05 Dutch Salt Licorice Coins, Bag 3/1.25 kg
15HO06 Deruyter Dark Chocolate Sprinkles, Box 10/7. oz
15HO07 Deruyter Milk Chocolate Sprinkles, Box 10/7. oz

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire as to the current pricing.

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