Number Product Unit / Size
01FI01 Finlandia Swiss 2/12 lbs
01FI02 Lappi 2/6 lbs
02FI01 Finncrisp, Dark-Thin, Red Box 9/7 oz
02FI02 Finncrisp, w/Caraway, Red/Yellow Box 9/7 oz
02FI03 Finncrisp, Multigrain 9/6.1 oz
02FI05 Finncrisp, Multigrain, Round 12/8.8 oz
02FI06 Finncrisp, Sesame, Round 12/8.8 oz
15FI01 Halva Licorice (Box) 16/7 oz
15FI02 Halva Licorice, Bulk, Plastic Container 4/2.2 kg
15FI03 Halva Licorice, Bar 42/60 gr
15FI04 Halva Licorice/Salmiac, Bar 42/60 gr
15FI10 Turkish Pepper Candy 21/180 gr

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire as to the current pricing.

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