About Our Company

Haram-Christensen Corporation (HCC) is the result of a consolidation of two food import corporations founded by Norwegian immigrants, Severin A. Haram and Carl Christensen, with origins going back to 1919.  The corporations consolidated in 1965.  Haram is the name of an island in Norway. 

In the beginning concentration was imports from Scandinavia, but today HCC imports/distributes food from 21 countries including Germany, Austria, Sweden, Demark, Holland, Norway, France, Finland, Switzerland, Canada and Peru.

HCC works with a broker network and distributes throughout the entire USA.

Customers are assured of premium quality merchandise.  Good service is a top priority.

HCC has its offices and warehouse facilities located at 125 Asia Place, Carlstadt, NJ.

HCC participates every year in the International Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows organized by The National Association for the Specialty Food and Trade (NASFT).  In 2008, HCC received an award for 50 years of NASFT Membership.


We import and distribute food products from...